LG-Bulb Bag
Use your LG-Bulb Bags for easy bulb planting, transfering to a new location in your flower garden and removal for winter storage.

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 Planting with the LG-Bulb Bag

 Pulling out your Bulbs for the winter.

Bulb Bag™ is designed for planting bulbs and tubers in the ground so they can be easily removed for winter storage or transplanting. The Bulb Bagallows for better growth by keeping nutrients closer to the roots and providing a barrier to pests. The Bulb Bag’s™ handles provide easy removal from the ground, NO shovel is needed. The Bulb Bag™ saves bulbs from being cut in half or destroying new growth when removing from the ground.
Bulbs and tubers stored in the Bulb Bag™ dry out less. The Bulb Bag™ also makes transplanting bulbs and tubers easier.
The Bulb Bag™ is available in two sizes to meet the needs of various size bulbs and tubers

Watch this Big One Come out of the Ground

 Watch this one come out of the ground!





Tired of complaining about
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